Mission Statement

Hunt 4 By Gone Days is a website which offers a Genealogical professional driven service to help those interested in pursuing their ancestral roots.

“Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.” – Ralph W. Emerson

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It is very important for us to know where we came from. We certainly know who are our parents and our grandparents, but most of us probably do not know who went before our grandmas and grandpas, and those that came before them. Who knows, we might have an ancestor who was very famous in the past; we might have come down from a very rich lineage; or we might have a drop of magical blood inside us! But kidding aside, knowing who your ancestors are is one way to know who you really are, and in what kind of family you came from.

The study of family histories, its traces and lineages is called genealogy. If you like to know the things about your family or if you think there is something you should know about your family’s past, then you can study genealogy to end your wondering, and start your adventure. You might have been wondering what is genealogy really, and how does it study the histories of families?

Genealogist dig on the family histories and lineages in so many ways, including interviews, historical records such as documents about family lineages, and even genetic analysis. Family lineages are somewhat on its climax at the times of the kings, where they had to pass their crown to the heir next to them with the same blood. There were lots of lineages that descend from kings and lords of the lands, and if you were living in the past, it would have been a very big deal if you had a surname that was of a great reputation. For info please feel free to check out my other site; GENEALOGY INSIDER.